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HDD Mining - SmartContracts - Assets - Much More!

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Mine with your Hard Drives
Low-Power Mining

Unlike other coins, with ATMcash you simply need HDD space and a decent CPU or GPU to read your plots.

Smart Coin

Many people do not know, but CIYAM, was the first in the world to build SmartContracts on the blockchain. The same system that BURST and QORA have, allowing ATMcash to do Cross-Chain transfers, Automated Lottery, and much more! See details here

Asset Exchange
Issue your own Token!

ATMcash also contains an Asset Exchange or Token Exchange where users can create and issue their own token that runs on top of the existing ATMcash blockchain.

Web-Based local wallet

The ATMcash wallet is much more fully featured than most other crypto-currencies. It's web-based features allows easy to use and beautiful looking functionality for its users, with a simple and modern user interface. 

Default features of the beautiful web wallet include SmartContracts with a decentralized automated lottery, Cross-Chain Transfers, decentralized marketplace, asset exchange, decentralized automated CrowdFunding, and more! The wallet also allows 'aliases' which make it so users can send money to their friends without remembering a complex string of numbers and letters like Bitcoin and most other coins!

Web-Based clean UI

Web-Based UI makes using ATMcash wallet as simple as your favorite website.

Web login screen

login just like a website.

Looking for a coin with features? you've found the right coin!

SmartContract CrowdFunding

SmartContracts in ATMcash can launch your next CrowdFund. Not only that, they are totally decentralized on top of the blockchain, and automated with the assistance of the ATMcash SmartContract system. No people required to do anything at all!

Decentralized Marketplace

Buy and sell goods directly person to person with the ATMcash Market. Built on top of the blockchain, so it will ALWAYS be there for you! Also including automated decentralized Escrow system so you can be sure your transaction goes smoothly!

Eco-Friendly Mining

Most crypto coins require a huge amount of power in order to mine... ATMcash, unlike any other (aside from its parent BURST) uses an algorithm allowing you to mine with the free Hard Drive space on your computer! Only a simple CPU or GPU to read plotted space for roughly 30 seconds every 4 minutes. Using barely more power than simply having your computer on!



The easy-to-use wallet of ATMcash makes it adoption-friendly. Anyone will have no problem understanding the wallet and its functions once given a few easy tips!



Using a ton of power is the staple for most coin algorithms... not ATMcash! The low-power HDD Mining system allows anyone and everyone to join in on the mining, while using very little power! Not only is it more low power use, it is also more decentralized, since EVERYONE has at least SOME free space on their systems.



With SmartContracts, Hard Drive mining, Marketplace, alias system, Encrypted message system, and native cross-platform nature... ATMcash has MUCH MORE than most other crypto projects!