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Download Wallet

The first step is to download the local ATMcash wallet. This is a Java VM that runs a local webserver securely on the local machine. You run it by executing the 'run.bat' for Windows, or '' for Linux.


Execute Java Webserver

Once you've downloaded the wallet, you simply execute the 'run.bat' for Windows, or '' for Linux, and the VM will start up in a command window. Leave this window open as it is your link to the ATMcash wallet interface. It may take a few minutes to fully start, give it up to 10 minutes depending on your computer's power.


Log In via Web Browser

The ATMcash wallet is different that most, as the wallet that you run, doesn't run an interface with it... instead, there is a beautiful web-based interface (that is actually local on your computer) that you access via your browser of choice!

Windows Users - New Wallet with salted/encrypted passphrase manager and direct online wallet access!

For Windows users, we have created a new tool. It is an ATMcash wallet that is usable via a custom ‘wrapper’ that includes a salted and encrypted passphrase manager. Making ATMcash much easier to use. You may run multiple copies to login to multiple wallets at once. Check it out! (You still must start the ‘run.bat’ file in the wallet download below in order to use the ‘local wallet’ toggle. However, you may also utilize the online wallet via the ‘default’ of the tool. Hosted by ATMcash.
  • NEW ATMcash Windows Client!

Local and Hosted Wallets

The downloads for the ATMcash wallet, as well as links to what are called 'hosted wallets' are below. The difference between hosted wallets and local wallets, are that you do not have to have any of the blockchain content on your computer in order to access a hosted wallet. However, you must trust the host of the hosted wallet to make sure they aren't trying to steal your information. Only use a hosted wallet if you trust the host of the wallet!

ATMcash, due to being written base in Java, is natively cross-platform. This means that ALL computers, regardless of the Operating system, can run the ATMcash local wallet. All your computer needs is the base level java files installed.
Below we have a direct download for the Windows version of Java, as well as the downloads page from Oracle with other operating systems.
Simply download and install this. Once that is done, and you have your downloaded zip file with the ATMcash wallet, simply run the 'run.bat' on Windows, or the '' on Linux or Mac, and it will open a command window and start the client. 
After that, it's as simple as opening your browser to http://localhost:8112 and accessing the wallet! (More instructions, as well as the 'official hosted wallets' below!)

Step 0 (before downloading wallet) - DOWNLOAD JAVA!

In order to use the Java application, you must first have Java installed. The buttons below have links to download Java.
Downloads and Hosted Wallet Links

ATMcash Wallets - Local (java) and Hosted (online) wallets below
ATMcash hosted wallet 5
ATMcash hosted wallet 6
ATMcash hosted wallet 7
ATMcash hosted wallet 8
ATMcash hosted wallet 9
your main local wallet
ATMcash local wallet download

The ATMcash local wallet is the wallet you should use for most things, this not only allows you access to the whole of ATMcash network without using anyone else's hosted wallet, or having to reach outside your computer in any other way aside from the blockchain. The local wallet is a Java based application, which is the 'main framework' for the ATMcash network. Everyone should utilize this wallet whenever possible to minimize risks associated with potential attacks on hosted wallet setups.

My First ATMcash Wallet

Once you have downloaded the wallet, and run the file called 'run.bat' to start the java wallet server...  you will follow the steps below to create your first account that you can send and receive ATMcash with.
Load up your browser

The local ATMcash wallet loads via accessing (or localhost) and giving you access to the Java VM running on your local computer, and access to the ATMcash network.
Create your first account

To create your first ATMcash account, simply click the New? Create Your Account! button, and it will generate you a secure passphrase. MAKE SURE YOU DOCUMENT THIS AND SAVE IT SECURELY. RECCOMENDED - SAVE IN AN ENCRYPTED ZIP AND NOT IN PLAIN TEXT.

open wallet click 'New? Create Your Account!'
Create a custom passphrase if you like

If you would prefer to create your own passphrase, this is also possible. REMEMBER - ANY PASSPHRASE IN ATMcash IS A NEW ACCOUNT AND IS YOUR 'PRIVATE KEY' MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT SAFE AND NEVER SHARE IT! If you would like to make up your own passphrase, simply do so, it is recommended to use 30+ characters and random numbers. Save it securely and copy it exactly to get back into the same account.

open wallet click 'returning user'
Get coins!

In order to receive your first coins and get started on your journey in ATMcash, you will have to copy your account ID that starts with 'ATM-xxxx' and give it to your ATMcash presale rep. Then they will test with a small transaction, then send you your entire purchase!

copy your 'account ID' top left
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